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It's Time To Get Your Body Fit For Life, Don't Wait Another Day... 
"Your Body Deserves At Least 30 Minutes A Day 3 Times A Week!"

Your Personal Trainer Will Help You Get In Shape So You Can 
Enjoy Life Again, Plus Fit Into Your Favorite Clothes!

Get Your Body Fit For Life
The Right Way!

Ask Yourself 5 Questions

  • Are you sick and tired of not having any energy?
  • Are you out of shape and want to change your body image?
  • Do you want a personal trainer to help you, but you're not sure if it's right for you?
  • Are you intimidated by those big fancy gyms with all that equipment and all those people?
  • Plus you really have a whole lot of time to waste trying to figure it all out on your own?
If You Can Relate To The 5 Questions You Probably Need A Trainer

With a Fit For Life Personal Trainer you don't have t​o figure it out on your own, you just have to show up, we take care of all the rest! Now if you're  thinking you don't have time in your busy schedule. ​​You need to try our "New 1/2 Hour Power Workout". You'll burn more calories, reduce inches, burn fat, lose weight and feel great! All that in 30 minutes a day 3 to 5 times a week. Let's face it, we all have 30 minutes to take care of our body! Plus... we operate by appointments so you can schedule your training session around your busy schedule.


Lose That Belly And Shed That Unwanted Back Fat So You Can Fit Into Your Favorite Clothes Again! Plus You'll Feel More Confidence and Energized!

Here's Why You Need A Trainer

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I lost 55 pounds, dropped 4 dress sizes, and I'm stronger, more confident and happier than I have been! This journey has been about so much more than weight loss: I've learned how to eat well, make better choices, and truly begain to love myself and my body!

From: Ameena K.​​
At Fit For Life Personal Training We Truly Understand You And Can Help You Get Fit For Life.

"We'll Show You How To Get Real Results In 1/2 The Time ...If You're Ready And Willing!"
Your Fitness Professionals

Hi my name is Kenneth Reed, Owner and Head Trainer at Fit For Life Personal Training and my wife Teresa Reed, Co-Owner, Personal Trainer and ZUMBA Instructor. We're here to help you lose that unwanted body fat around your belly, hips, thighs, back and arms! Or if you just want to build muscle, burn fat and get fit for life - you've come to the right place.​ Don't take my word for it take a test drive and come in for your No Obligation Consultation and sample our new  "1/2 Hour Power Workout" for FREE!

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Teresa Reed 
AAAI-ISMA Fitness Professional 
Co-Owner - Personal Trainer
​and ZUMBA Instructor
Kenneth Reed 
AAAI-ISMA Fitness Professional 
Owner - Head Trainer
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Fit For Life 
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