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Learn What The Weight Loss and Diet Centers Don't Want You to Know...
Give Me Just 30 Minutes Per Day To Show You How To Lose Fat for Good! 


"Wow I lost 8% body fat and gained 7% muscle in only 12 days working with Kenny at Fit For Life Personal Training"

Kevin Morrison
Baltimore, MD


Thanks to the training, advise and counseling, I am now 15 pounds lighter and have lost close to 10 inches.  The good news doesn't stop, my overall strength and endurance has increased.  My recent physical was the best it has been in years.  My cholesterol is the lowest it has been in 10 years.    

Thanks Fit For Life
From: Anthony   


The 10 pounds and overall 8+ inches I lost is real. I wore two suits and a skirt that I was not able to wear during the spring. I have another outfit for a business meeting; I'll wear it this Saturday with room to breathe.  

Thanks to Fit For Life and my training partner, my husband Anthony, for encouraging and motivating me.  

From: Charlotte 

Half Hour Power Workout

With The 1/2 - Hour Power Workout, You're In and Out In 30 Minutes! If you think it's not enough hours in a day, we have the fitness solution for you.
The 1/2 Hour Power Workout is great for busy people on the go. Our fitness solution changes as you advance, so your body does not adapt and reach a plateau. 

If you keep doing the same level of work, your body will adapt to it and stop changing. To get the most out of our fitness solution, you have to progressively increase the level of work.  

We have developed a variety of fitness stations using the following: 

Body Solid equipment, Body-Burner, Rebounder and additional exercises with resista-bands, exercise balls, dumbbells and your body weight. This fitness solution will target every muscle group and take your strength and cardio training to the next level.   

The 1/2 Hour Power Workout is designed to work the whole body in 30 minutes. We combine muscle toning exercises that  protects bone density, raise the metabolism and save lean muscle tissue. 

Our cardiovacular exercises will keep your heart rate elevated, improve your heart and lung capacity. This creates a maximum calorie burning process. The stretching component of our program will improve your flexibility and enhance the quality of movement of your joints.   

Each 1/2 Hour Power Workout is highly structured for maximum results! In the least amount of time. If you have a busy schedule and can't get the entire 30 minutes in on certain days we offer a "15 Minute workout" as well. 

Remember this ... a little is better then none at all!

Who said you have to workout for countless hours to change your body. Most business people do not have a lot of time to get their workout in ... so we have designed the perfect fitness solution for you!

What's Your Excuse Now?

Who needs personal training?  

Maybe you've been exercising regularly on your own at home or at a gym but your routine could use a little perk-up.

Maybe you've never had professional guidance and there's a little voice in the back of your head wondering if you're doing things correctly.

Maybe you have the self-discipline to exercise on your own but aren't sure what you should be doing to meet your goals.

Maybe your budget can't afford regular personal training sessions but you still want expert guidance to set up the right program for you. So, who does need personal training? Is it you? 

So, who does need personal training?  Is it you?

The New Exerciser: The thought of venturing into an exercise facility without any help or guidance can be very intimidating.  

The Plateau Exerciser: It's very easy to get bored with your exercise program and plateau with your results. Your trainer will show you how to exercise differently and provide you with a brand new program that will take you to a higher level of fitness.  

Plan (#1): This is ideal if you want to use a trainer exclusively, every time you come in.  

Plan (#2): Use a trainer on a recurring basis once a week and on alternate days you follow our 1/2 hour power workout fitness program on your own at our state of the art specialized personal fitness training center. 

*Note: You will be instructed by a Certified Personal Trainer and he/she will keep a close eye on you to ensure you are following the routine correctly for best results. Time slots are scheduled ahead of time to ensure that our facility is never over crowded. 

We limit the amount of clients to 4 and up to 8. Every 1/2 hour is a new group of clients.

We Get You In And Out!

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