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#11. Do You Have A Friend, Family Member Or Co-Worker That May Be Interested In Joining With You?
#1. What Is Your Goal?: Better Health - Weight Loss - Fat Loss - Build Muscle - Maintain - Nutrition - etc.
#2. Why Is This Important To You?
#3. Have You Ever Joined A Gym? - Did You Get Any Results? - Did You Like It? - Did You Stick To It?
#4. How's Your Nutrition Habits? - How Many Meals Do You Eat Per Day? - Are They Healthy Meals?
#5. How Do You Feel About Your Current Health Condition, Fitness Condition and Fat to Muscle Ratio?
#6. What Would Make You Feel Better About Yourself If You Could Change It In About 6 to 12 Months?
#7. Do You Have Any Medical Conditions That Would Prevent You From Doing Certain Exercises? List Them
# 8. On A Scale Of 1 to 10 With 10 Being The Highest, How Committed Will You Be To This Program?
#9. What Would Stop You From Making A Small Investment In Your Health By Joining Fit For Life Today?
#10. Do You Need Permission From A Spouse Or A Partner To Make This Important Decision For Your Health?
I'm Your Baltimore Personal Trainer In Pikesville, MD