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The B.U.R.N Approach!

Increase Your Metabolism & Burn Fat Fast With The B.U.R.N Approach!

Does your "SLOW METABOLISM" keep you from losing weight? Use the B.U.R.N Approach to increase your metabolism and BURN FAT FAST!

- Build Muscle - Do strength training 2 to 3 times each week. Building and toning your muscles increases your resting metabolism.
U - Use Your Fuel - Your body stores all unburned calories as body fat. So, take short exercise breaks throughout the day to raise your metabolism and use that fuel!
R - Regular Meals - Skipping meals actually lowers your metabolism. Eat small, controlled-calorie meals every few hours to keep your metabolism elevated.
N - No Excuses - Take responsibility for increasing your metabolism. Build some muscle, eat regularly and stay in motion. No excuses!

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